Warehouse Interiors & Renovation Cost

Warehouse Interiors & Renovation Cost

The costs of warehouse interiors and warehouse renovations vary depending on the complexity of your design. The popular method of utilizing conventional steel and pre-cast concrete panels can often result in cost savings, especially for structures with interior columns. Much of the fabrication of pre-cast concrete panels is completed at the factory which makes them a popular choice for a wide variety of projects, especially for flex warehouse buildings and/or structures that don’t require a complex temperature or humidity controlled environment. Some of the benefits of these conventional steel and pre-cast panel warehouses include speed of installation, high durability, and a variety of different uses.

We are also experts at constructing larger and more complex buildings and have experts on hand to discuss warehouse interiors costs or new structure budgets. Need a warehouse fit out in Dubai with climate control or cold storage capabilities? Trust Atech to deliver a solution that maintains the integrity of your warehouse interior environment for your stored goods and workers. We have delivered warehouse interior designs for storage buildings that maintain frozen goods or dry goods from 0° to 60° or warmer to ensure the quality and safety of their inventory. We’ll also make sure your employee work environment meets your requirements with cost-effective air conditioning and heating solutions for every structure.

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Warehouse interiors and Warehouse renovations

Our warehouse interiors services also include warehouse renovations of your new structure. It is quite common these days to see storage buildings equipped with modern space, and we can assist you with your warehouse, management, or security area design project. Atech warehouse interiors services not only equip your new building with essentials like storage shelving and pallet racking systems, but we will also design and deliver ware house interior environments complete with cubicles, furniture, lighting and wifi, live and ready for your team!

Extra Services Offered


With today’s modern technology there is now a vast variety of building materials that can be used in waterproofing. We install a comprehensive line of horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems suited for both above grade or below grade installations. Fluid applied deck coating systems, pressure injection systems, urethane and epoxy coatings are also components of our installations.


We are certified applicators of numerous roofing material manufacturers, we are versatile in Hot or Cold applied Built-Up roof systems, as well as EPDM, TPO, PVC and PVC KEE membranes. We will offer their experience gained in varying types of structures, to their client’s advantage in an effort to obtain the most economic and technically feasible solution to roof design and construction.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation of residential, Commercial and other types of structures has become an important factor to be taken into consideration at the early stages if design, not only to ensure adequate environmental conditions within structure, to meet current building regulations and achieve low energy consumption, but also to protect the building fabric.



Timely maintenance of a roof or waterproofing assembly requires inspection and periodic upgrade. We use our extensive background and excellent understanding of building construction to identify chronic structural leaks. We provide Roof Maintenance, Emergency Leak Service, Roof Inspection and Repairs.