New Office IT Setup

Whether you are establishing, renovating, or relocating your office, you need to organize all of your assets (both tangible and intangible) systematically. Of course, this includes setting up your IT infrastructure properly. Realistically, this process involves meticulous planning and laborious execution.

Here’s the thing: When everything’s new, you want to start fresh immediately, right?
Well, instead of dealing with too much prep work, why not hire IT experts who could lend you a hand? By doing so, you could just focus on other things, especially in terms of managing your business.

Our team at Atech are specialists when it comes to new office IT setup. We will be guiding you on every step, from conceptualization to implementation phase. Consult us with your plans, your current resources, your set date, and your future goals. Leave the burden to us, while still having 100% control of the results. Expect us to deliver great results without hassle nor delay.

Here are our New Office IT Setup Services:

  • Server Setup, Installation, and Configuration
  • Installation of Office Network with Internet Access
  • Office Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Setup with Configuration
  • Printers and Copiers Setup with Configuration

One-Stop Managed IT Services

The evolution of modern technologies and the ever-increasing connectivity have created global shifts in many aspects of our lives, including business management and marketing strategy. Hence, keeping an IT environment running smoothly has become a hot topic in business. However, IT management requires constant attention and the availability IT talents. The fast-changing marketplace and the challenges in IT talent retention have caused many organisations to seek professional help from IT firms especially those offer managed IT services.

What is One-stop Managed IT Services?

As the name suggests, one-stop managed IT service is a one-stop solution provided by an IT service provider that comes at flat-rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee coupled with the proactive monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure. In other words, the managed service arrangement allows the customer pays a regular fee for receipt of the service while the managed service provider is responsible for the functionality of the IT service and infrastructure.

Starting from IT consulting, to devices recommendation, network management, server administration, data backup, to virtualization, the one-stop managed Atech provider manage all of them.

Over the years, Atech Systems has expanded its scope of business. We have experts in Atech Systems that assist to meet the IT needs of any business. Our server management team provides exceptional level of flexibility and responsive support to our customers, ensuring that systems are always up and running.

We believed that maximizing the utilization of technology has enormous potential benefits. Therefore, we are here to help. We emphasize
continuous improvement as we pursue quality in every aspect of our business.

System Server Solution

Each organization with an IT department needs a server solution because it functions as the IT framework of the entire institution. Upon having a strong server, organizations can map out every resource they have. This works when you have a massive firm, or you are planning to expand your venture further.

At Atech, we are masters of server stability as we believe it is integral to our organization’s foundation. This time, we would want to share our knowledge and expertise with those who wish to strengthen their institution. When you avail any of our Server Solutions, then you are having a guarantee of growing your company with fewer roadblocks. Our methods have always been systematic — from gauging your goals to strategic planning to implementation and evaluation.

Network Solutions

Network solutions are truly indispensable in ensuring data security and preventing cyberattacks from happening. At Atech, we aim to build a sturdy and secure network for our customers’ business and personal use. Malicious attacks are fairly common nowadays, and unfortunately, no network or server is invincible from cybercrime. By stabilizing your network infrastructure, you can worry less about potential attacks from hackers or spammers.

IT Desktop Support Services

Take care of all your IT operations by entrusting them to our specialists at Atech! We provide Desktop Support Services that meet your company needs and take your resources into consideration. As a professional IT service provider in UAE, we can only assure you utmost satisfaction as we deliver 100% timely, scalable, and customized support.

To keep the flow of your business operations, you need to make sure that your computers, applications, and networks are working properly. In line with this, we offer the following services:

  • Office network support services
  • Software support services
  • Hardware support services
  • PC repair
  • System maintenance and monitoring

IT Desktop Support Packages

The flexibility of our services enables you to choose a package that fits your needs. Here are they:

Support key
Fully Managed Desktop – This package includes regular or time to time maintenance. To guarantee that your computer is functional, we will be conducting monthly check-ups. This is ideal for those who want to work with us long-term. We recommend this package as you will be able to monitor your desktop more accurately and consistently.

Ad Hoc Remote Support – This package is for those who are looking for short-term solutions. Choose this deal if you only require to fix small issues on your desktop.

Project-based Support – As the name suggests, this package lets you hire our support staff to manage a specific undertaking that will take a certain period of time. If you have a definite project that requires an appropriate solution, this package is for you.

IT Maintenance Services

The computer network and support system. Like a well-oiled machine, a company needs its IT systems and computer network to be in optimum running condition with very minimal downtime, because downtime means profits are being lost every minute that a business isn’t functioning properly.

The above statement explains why IT maintenance services are a very crucial and fundamental part of a business for them to perform. IT maintenance is not merely a one-off thing, but it’s something which needs to be consistently ongoing since IT is never stagnant and always upgrading and updating. It is easy to forget how important this aspect is to a business until panic starts to set in when there is downtime and disruption to the workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft is a dominating brand in the IT world, and it even extends to customer relationship. Combining these two elements, you will get the best in ERP – through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This groundbreaking ERP solution lets companies integrate industry tools into the system with ease. If you have used Microsoft applications before, then you can familiarize yourself with Dynamics CRM. In fact, it has a user-friendly interface for companies to strengthen client relationships and pull new ones into your business. This is possible by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and simplifying management operations.

Flexibility is where Microsoft is at – each module can be adapted in such a way you want. This is essential especially in core departments like sales and marketing where competition is very tough. You have to be unique to stand out. Of course, Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you do just that.

SAP Software Solution

SAP Software is an ERP Solution that applies a more business-oriented approach, as opposed to Microsoft CRM’s customer-based design. Its modules include Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Inventory, Design, and many more. Incorporating fully an SAP system will let you operate efficiently. This is due to the wide scope of SAP software that encompasses pretty much all core departments of an organization. This prevents you from operating time-consuming tasks like transferring from one computer to another.

Due to SAP’s cost-effective nature, megacompanies and even smaller firms have been integrating this technology. In fact, SAP’s software and software-related services have been flourishing worldwide. With such growth, it is evident that companies are transitioning from traditional management solutions to a technological model.

Back Up Solutions

Sales records show that the number of customers purchasing servers is continuously increasing. However, there is still a significant percentage of users who do not accompany their servers with a backup solution – roughly 30%, in fact.

Technology is an upbeat industrial advancement – it bounces and leaps beyond imagination. This can be unapologetically damning – but there is nothing you can do but adapt to it. The saying “Prevention is better than cure” might be the tritest thing ever, but it holds true to this day.

Digital Transformation Consulting

The digital world in UAE as we know it today has come a long way, growing at an unprecedented and incredible rate. With this growth comes its own set of challenges and opportunities that the business environment faces.
To fully transform a product or service in the business environment, you need the best team of people, like our team at Atech, working for you to help make the transformation a reality. Why are we the best team whom you should work with? Because we at IT Solution is the best team in UAE, not by just mere say but because we’ve been voted the best Digital Transformation Consultant of the year.

Full-Scale and Advanced IT Products for Networking is All You Need

As the competition continues to grow across industries, more businesses are now investing in networking products to improve their communication and data exchange networks.

A seamless and secure networking system is much needed to ensure data exchange is carried out smoothly and safely. And in addition to that, it also facilitates staff to perform their business tasks more efficiently and effectively. Employees at different locations can effectively interact and communicate with one another. They also get work done faster, without any delay, through a well-connected and advanced networking system.

Make a Smart Investment of IT Products for Printers & Copiers Today

Most of the work we do in offices is computer-based but you can see lots of documents lying around. This is where printers and copiers have become very important to companies. They use it to make these vital tasks possible: record-keeping purposes, signing of business contracts, deals and agreements, and circulating important information within an organization.
These IT products have been around for the longest time and considered as one of the most important devices that businesses can’t operate without and must invest in. It has been observed that over the years, they have improved in terms of printing speed and quality.

Either you’re launching a start-up company or thinking of replacing your current printer or copier, make sure you invest in a high-quality one. Investing in a premium printer or copier is sensible as you will be able to generate great quality print outs and copies of your desired documents. Besides, your investment will also last for years, thus sparing you from spending hundreds of dollars in frequent repair and maintenance.

Security Solution

One of the topmost concerns when it comes to both of your premises and IT landscape is the security of your business. And you must not take it for granted as it is very crucial. Imagine if you invest only in the protection of your IT landscape but not in the security of your business premises. And what if your business premises get attacked and infiltrated? And along the process, your servers, business computers, and other expensive IT products get damaged or stolen? Think about the financial and data loss you’ll have to incur after that scenario? And in addition to that, the time it will take for you to set your business on the path to recovery and start its operations again?