Today’s homes are an expression of our likes, tastes, styles and how we live. It’s imperative that your home is a place where family and friends can relax, get together, work and play in an environment that caters to your needs. A home renovation can help you achieve the layout and design which will do all this, and more.

Whether you are considering a major renovation or a few minor changes, our specialist designers can help you achieve your dreams. Home renovations require the expert touch to ensure that the available space is utilized effectively and efficiently to maximize your outcomes.

Atech offers a full-service design and project management division which can look after all aspects of your home renovation with one point of contact for all your needs. The company is able to co-ordinate all trades and sub-contractors, as well as provide expert advice on the best approach to a wide range of home renovations.

Office Renovations

How long has it been since the last time your office underwent a renovation? If it has been a while, there is a good chance that your office no longer suits your business’s needs. Whether you are facing issues of overcrowding or the design of the office is simply showing its age, it could be time for you to consider doing an office renovation. We are a full-service design company specializing in redesigning your office space to not only suit your new needs but also to give you a modern, forward-thinking space that your employees will enjoy working in every day.

At Atech Interiors, we understand that you have a business to run, and focusing on an intensive renovation can take time away from the important aspects of your company. That is why our service is the complete solution for you, from start to finish. We are renovators who handle everything from design to implementation, so you can focus on the big picture and come back to work in a beautifully redesigned space.

Office Interior Design

We can modernize the way your employees work, too. By implementing a “sit-stand” scheme with workstations that are height adjustable, your employees will work much more comfortably. Being able to transition from sitting to standing throughout the day will have a great effect on employee morale — and wellness. Studies show that too much sitting can lead to increased physical and mental health problems, and giving your staff a new way to work during office renovations.


Trust Our Experience While You Run Your Business Let our in-house interior designers and project managers handle your complete office renovation while you run your business. We can transform your space and bring you back to work in a modern, elegant space that reflects the personality of your company.

Kitchen Renovations

Today’s kitchens don’t exist within four walls – they are open-plan, family-friendly entertaining hubs and we expect they will cater for our unique family needs. That’s why it’s important to work with an expert designer and builder on your renovation project.

kitchen renovations

Atech is able to offer full project management and design service to its customers meaning we can oversee all trades and coordinate sub-contractors. This provides you with a single point of contact during the project.

Many kitchen renovations require the removal or relocation of walls, doors and windows, so working with one company which can provide a wide range of services is a massive time and cost saver. It also means you can be confident your kitchen renovation will run smoothly with excellent communication across departments.

Bedroom Renovations

With a range of bedroom design ideas to suit a variety of homes and families, let Atech inspire you with our bedroom renovations. We look after walk-in robes, built-in storage, dressing rooms, bedroom furniture and complete bedroom design.

The approach to bedroom design has changed markedly in the past few years. Our bedrooms now incorporate ideas for living, studying and relaxing – as well as sleeping, of course! Therefore, bedroom renovations require specialist attention.

Master bedrooms often incorporate wall-in robes and dressing rooms as well as open-plan wet rooms rather than the small ensuite of the past. Guest bedrooms need to incorporate elements to make family and friends feel at home when they are invited to stay. Children’s bedrooms need spaces for clothing and toy storage as well as allocated areas for study and play.

Modern Bedroom Renovations

While bedrooms have become larger in more modern homes, we still find quite small spaces allocated for this essential interior space when it comes to older homes. That’s why it’s important to work with a design and build company who can take a big-picture view of your home and make recommendations for more effective building works – such as relocating or moving walls – to make the most of the space you have available.

Atech is able to take care of your full bedroom renovation needs. We arrange for all trades work to be carried out and we co-ordinate all sub-contractors to ensure the job is completed on time and on budget