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Villa Renovations & Villa Extension Dubai

At Smart Renovation by Superior Living, we understand that each villa features potential and therefore they ‘don’t move, improve!’ notion signifies the trend of moving every 7 – 10 years is over and building something to be pleased with and settling in somewhere you’ll truly call ‘home’ is what the people of today are trying to find. That’s why it’s our ambition to offer you the villa renovations Dubai of your dreams, be it traditional or modern it’ll be luxury.

Your villa may be a place that should be designed and tailored to your tastes and wishes. As you know, our needs are changed from time to time. Whether your villa requires only small improvements or overall renovation, we’ll help to guide you thru this process and present you with an area that’s suited to you. Smart Renovation focuses on complete villa renovations Dubai and provides clients with a good sort of service. Kitchen and toilet installations, fitting windows and doors, adding extensions, and introducing smart home equipment are included in our offers.

Smart Renovation works with a gaggle of experienced professionals, who will confirm that each detail of your villa renovations Dubai is finished expertly. We also work with a selected and faithful team of builders, who have helped us with a number of projects over the years, earning high acclaim from our clients.


No doubt, the kitchen is the heart of most villas and an area where family life thrives. For this space to serve you well, it must be designed and finished to your liking.

That’s exactly why we provide a full Kitchen Installation Service – which may cover design and room reconfiguration, structural alterations, maximizing space for storing, decorating, and even dust minimization.

We also offer plumbing services which include fitting bathroom or kitchen units, identifying leaks & fixing them, and lots of others.

Our experienced team will gladly assist you with electrical aspects also and supply new circuit installation, replace faulty items, and inspect the ultimate work.


We are cognizant that technology is moving forward at a quick pace. That’s why we’ve also included in our offer Smart Home installation services. Our team will gladly assist you with fixing Multi-Room Audio Video, Lighting Design and Control, WiFi Signal Extensions, and toilet Radio and television Installation.

It’s worth remembering that Smart Home technology may be a perfect way for increasing the safety of your property. That’s why we also offer the installation of smart security systems, fingerprint and Key-Less Locks, and CCTV cameras with Motion Detection and Phone Notification.


  • – Project Management. We’ll manage it completely from start to end
  • – Design Service including consultation between us and any related professionals
  • – All trade services
  • – Minimal disturbance, all our workers are trusted individuals, workers are often cordoned off to minimize noise and mud
  • – All our workers work to strict deadlines
  • – Electrical certificates issued on completion

Our project design team first will visit your villa to talk over your needs and a comprehensive appraisal based on those needs. As a professional, we can offer the right practical advice and guidance on how to enhance your villas. Our team which includes professional and highly trained members will make sure that your villa will be clean after every task. Our prices are extraordinarily competitive, and offering high quality but the real value for money.

We will ensure the required space for all items and take proper care. Our mission is to offer you innovative and modern solutions that make sure the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our commitment to our clients is beyond project completion, and we will offer the best services from start to finish.


When we talk about renovating your villa, you can get many benefits. Expanding your villa provides a chance to precise your individuality and elegance through your villa, while simultaneously providing the space you would like to measure your life to the fullest!

With an idea, a vision, and an understanding of the advantages of upgrading your villa, you’re bound to accomplish your required villa renovation. Not only will your home look and feel amazing, but you’ll enjoy added benefits.

Increase Square Footage

Who says your villa has got to stay an equivalent size? As life moves forward your family may grow and there may come a time when you simply need more space!

A properly planned villa extension Dubai can add antique square footage for a further bedroom, larger kitchen, or modern bathroom. Albeit you’ve got an empty nest, you’ll need a touch more room to entertain family and friends a la mode.

villa extension Dubai allows you to create the precise space you would like to require you lebensraum to the subsequent level.

Save Time and Money

Rather than incurring the prices related to getting into a replacement home, like placing an outsized deposit and paying movers to relocate, consider setting that cash aside to expand your home with a villa extension.

A villa extension Dubai will prevent time and money from the end of the day. When accomplished properly, your villa extension will meet your budget needs while turning the expanse of your villa into a reality! Not to mention, a villa extension Dubai allows you to save lots of time-related to trying to sell your villa, house hunting, and therefore the actual move itself.

Create The Precise Space You Would Like

Rather than starting over during a new home, you’ll personalize your existing home with a villa extension. Have you ever always wanted an outsized kitchen with a walkout porch? What are a few main bedrooms with a spa bathroom and an entry closet?

A villa extension Dubai provides the chance to make the precise space you want! Albeit you aren’t seeking a full-scale remodel or extension, our design experts can work together with your existing space to rework it into exactly what you would like.

We are experts in reconstructing walls and spaces to make your dream home! If you’ll dream about it, the designers can build it. Home extensions provide the right opportunity to make the quantity of space you would like, allowing you to use your space exactly the way you would like to.

Increase Your Villa Value

Essentially, once you increase the square footage of your home, the worth of your home will increase too. Not only will a villa extension prevent money within the short term (compared to a costly move), but home extensions provide a moment’s opportunity to extend the worth of your home.

For example, if you design and construct an area that enhances the home’s overall design, it’s bound to raise the market price of your home.

Choose a Professional Expert

Many villa owners are overwhelmed by the alternatives and decisions within the early planning stages of their villa extension Dubai or retail fit-out project. It’s vital to rent a knowledgeable, licensed, and properly insured contractor from the very beginning of your project.

The Atech experts can assist you in determining the way to create a custom plan for your home or office. We’re also professionals at navigating those baffles in Dubai municipality and developer approvals required for your project.

Our designers and contractors pride themselves in helping you transform your villa with an extension that’s bound to create the house of your dreams. Whether you desire an additional bedroom or a replacement space to entertain family and friends, you’ll not regret building onto your home